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A brief overview of what you can Expect

What Cryptic Press is All About 

Cryptic Press was originally going to be all about the beginner…strictly the basics. However, just as the world of crypto is constantly evolving, so are we. While our goal of becoming the ‘go-to’ site for people who are new and wanting to learn more about bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has not changed, we’ve also got some pretty cool stuff planned in the coming weeks and months that will cover far more than just the basics.

Goal number one was to get the site up and running, which if you’re reading this, we have obviously accomplished. Now that it’s live you’ll be seeing lots of changes as we continue on working to improve it.

A few of the things in the pipeline…a dedicated beginners section: complete with articles, step-by-step tutorials, explainer videos, Q&A, etc. We will also be adding an up to the minute news feed, a section dedicated to trading, a resources section such as ‘best of’ lists for other sites, books, and information that we’ve found helpful, a section focused on business principles, including how they relate specifically to the world of crypto and blockchain, plus much, much more.

The key to all this is you. We welcome and encourage your comments and suggestions as you start going through the material and start coming up with questions of your own. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates and other fun stuff, and make sure to sign up for our newsletter as our subscribers will always be the first to know of anything new.

Our goal is to build a community based on trust and transparency. So no, we will not spam you, sell your info, or try to sell you anything. We actually don’t have anything to sell…as in nothing.

If you find you have gotten value from our (so far) admittedly minimal amount of content, please help us grow by sharing our site or articles with someone you think might benefit from it, and subscribe to our newsletter…as soon as I figure out how to make these suckers work!